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in advance, sorry for writing the book, but i feel that my experience was good enough to write about

the whole sales team i dealt with at my dealership was amazing. as many of you know i'm right in the target demographic (25).

my first trip to the dealership was only after extensive comparison and feature shopping online, so i came into it being fairly informed.

having browsed the my local dealers' web site, i setup an appointment via phone with their internet sales manager.

when i got to the showroom, i was told that there would be a small wait. naturally, i walked over to the element on display and started "kickin' the tires." a salesman approached and asked if i was being helped. when i said i was, he asked if i would like to be shown some of the features of the e. very friendly! he was very informative, gave me a thorough tour that filled up my wait time nicely, and didnt sound at any point like he was trying to make a sale or steal me away from my appointed salesman. his enthusiasm for the car's features was very apparent.

once my salesman became available, i informed him which car i was interested in checking out. first words out of his mouth were "let's take one on a test drive. i'm sure you'll love it." while i waited, he pulled an e out front of the dealership, got out, and tossed me the keys. "you know the area? take 'er for a spin, we'll see you in 15 minutes." wow.

anyways that was all it took for me to start negotiations that day on what is now my gg ex 4wd. my first buying experience was hassle-free, and i felt like i was given the red carpet treatment- from the test drive to the closing with the sales manager.

maybe these salespeople took honda's class, or maybe they are just standouts among salespeople. i'd recommend them to my mom.

anyone interested, i purchased from McGrath Honda in Elgin, IL.
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