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My husband and I are 20 somethings ( 27 & 28 to be exact) and this article is very interesting....our salesman was NO pressure....we already owned a Honda (1990 Civic....classic unrestored :)) But when we went to the dealer that we bought from our salesman, John, was pressure, answered all our questions, showed us all the features.....never once talked deal or sale until the third time we visited.....he gave us his card and said "Call me if you need me" we went back and bought a week or so after our initial 4 visits....he actully was surprised to see us.

We will be going back to him in the spring to replace our 1990 clasic Civic :)

We were actually at the dealer today, and John wasn't there, but the GM was and we chit chatted and my hubby sat in a suped up Civic and wanted to take it home today, but that will have to wait until next year....but they did have plenty of Es on the lot (GGs and SOPs too!!!) and we totally fell for the GG....we may become a 2 E familE!!!!!!
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