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a way to exit out the rear hatch.

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hi everyone i use my element for camping and once you are in the car and close all of the doors its hard to get simple solution was to remove the rear inside panel then i drilled a one inch hole in the center so i can put my finger in and move the works mint i can even close it by pulling it .be sure you make the right measurements before you drill it.and the hole is small that it doesnt look that cheesy.but to me the benifits outway the cosmetic damage.i wish some company would make a bolt on latch.
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sorry, im not able to take a photo. but once you pull the rear panel off you will see how easily it is took about 15 min.
Do you push or pull the lever or is it sideways action? I was thinking the same thing but looking for an aftermarket latch to do the same thing. At least I can get a plastic or rubber grommet from Home Depot to dress a simple hole.
you put your finger in the hole and push to the side. sounds like im giving sex tips hehe.
Sounds like you might be able to attach a cable to it and a lever at the end to pull it open.
for now, sliding the lever to the side with my finger works great. if somebody can make or design somthing please let me know.
You made me curious.

How much room is there under the plastic? Do you think an actuator would fit under there? I was thinking of making some device that would unlatch the hatch by the push of a button.

If it looks feasible, and I can get it to work, I will post a how-to.

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