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2004 Honda Element 4wd

Abs light has been on for a few years now... lol. I changed the rear bearings once and I suspected that I may have damaged the abs sensor in the left rear wheel. I ordered a replacement sensor and it's floating around my shop somewhere. (plumbers house is always leaking situation) Recently I had a spare minute and hooked it up to my computer. I was expecting just 1 code to pop up but instead I got:

11-01 wheel senor (open/short to body ground/short to power) FR
13-01 wheel senor (open/short to body ground/short to power) FL
15-01 wheel senor (open/short to body ground/short to power) RR
16-01 wheel senor (electrical noise/intermittent interuption) RR
61-01 ignition voltage
62-01 ignition voltage

Puzzling to say the least. I know sometimes 1 code will trip another... or a series of codes- but the LR sensor isn't even mentioned. The abs system was fine prior to working on the rear wheel bearings. I replaced the RR sensor while I was working on the hub. It had deteriorated and was stuck inside the housing. I thoroughly cleaned the housing and made sure I was getting voltage from the sensor when the RR wheel was spinning. All honda parts. All the time. Also- I'm curious as to what an ignition voltage code would be doing in with my abs codes?

Please don't guess at an answer if you're not sure how these codes work or unfamiliar with the abs system. Reading through some of these posts, I've noticed "professional" solutions to simple problems ...things like "replace the entire braking system with aftermarket parts" or "I like drum brakes so I want to make my E have 4 wheel drum brakes." No offense- just pleas answer if you've seen this or a similar problem before and can suggest a solution you used to fix it.

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