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2005 w/Denso Compressor (10S17C)

The AC Clutch Hub does not engage when the AC is turned on.

With the car running, I hold a screwdriver near the Clutch hub - no magnetic attraction. I then turn on the AC, and hold a screwdriver near the Clutch hub - there is magnetic attraction.

The resistance across the Clutch Coil is 4.1 Ohms. So there doesn't appear to be a short or open.

The magnetic attraction and good resistance value leads me to believe that the Clutch coil is functioning properly.

I have bypassed any potential voltage/electrical issues by disconnecting the Clutch Coil connector and energizing it directly with battery voltage.

I have zero-ed in on the Clutch Hub as being the most likely culprit. I don't claim to know much about how these Hubs work, but it appears that they are built with a flexible rubber section that should allow the outer portion of the hub to be attracted to and engage the compressor clutch when the coil is energized.

I have removed the Clutch Hub and, compared to other Hondas that I own, the Hub is very stiff and very difficult to flex.

Has anyone had a similar experience where the Clutch hub hardened and caused their AC to stop working?

Are there other things that could be causing this?
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