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I purchased our 2WD EX (Black) with zero accessories since my dealer had an annoying habit of charging an outrageous price for even the simplest of items. All the cars at their store had, as a minimum, wheel locks and splash guards and the addendum sticker would state $299 for the locks and $399 for the splash guards. Obviously a way to inflate the price over MSRP in order to negotiate down from there. Anyway, our EX was sitting in the back of the lot, right off the truck, still wrapped in plastic, etc. and that's the way I bought her.

Tonight I installed the keyless entry and thus completed the accessories I wanted. I bought everything from H and A and was very pleased with their service and prices. Here's a run down of the items I installed:

Splash guards - looks good and practical too.
Wheel locks - a good idea and only $15 from H and A
Floor mats (carpet) - Felt the need to dress up the interior to please
the missus. I like them too.
Cargo mat - OK, impulse buy. If I spill a jug of milk I'll be glad it's
there (I hope.)
Seat back bungees - Practical (surprisingly). I removed the headrest on
a rear seat to install a carseat and stow the headrest on the back
of the other seat in the bungee.
Roof racks - I may never use them but I like the way they look.
Bug deflector - I live in Florida. We have bugs. I'm willing to do anything
to keep some of them off my hood and windshield. I also like the
way it looks.
Leather steering wheel cover - Another dress-up to try to impress the
Chrome tailpipe tip - Implulse buy. Decided I like the look. Cheap & easy.
Storage Armrest - I felt this was a big improvement. My only
complaint with the interior was that the standard armrest felt too
small for me. The storage armrest is big enough for both driver
and passenger and the added storage space is a nice
Keyless entry - A real must-have, especially with a toddler in your arms.

Everything was soooo simple and easy to install. The instructions from H and A were great and the comments/hints and tips posted at this site were also a help. I don't think anything took longer than 30 minutes to install, most items more like 10. Exception: stitching up the leather steering wheel cover was time consuming and monotonous and lasted 45 min. to an hour. Tip: pop in your favorite CD and crank up the tunes.

I also replaced the standard headlamps with a pair of Sylvania Silverstars.

I think I'm done for now. The fog lights are tempting and I may tint the front windows. But for now I'll just pause and enjoy! 8)

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