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Honda has developed a prototype Acura built on the Element/CRV (Honda compact global platform) It uses a 200 hp version of the K24 found in the CRV/Element coupled with two electric motors.

"The Acura RDX prototype shows a different approach to hybrid technology. The new concept SUV from Honda's luxury division also recaptures lost energy, but it uses that power to run two 25-hp motors attached to the rear wheels. As a result, the angular RDX offers plenty of performance and the equivalent of all-wheel drive. Envisioned as an urban vehicle, the RDX totals 250 hp with its 2.4-liter 16-valve four-cylinder engine, which is mated to a clutchless manual transmission. The gearbox is operated via a console-mounted paddle shifter.

The RDX’s interior boasts an array of high-tech gear, including a head-up display that projects pertinent information onto the windshield. Instead of rearview mirrors, this SUV employs cameras that display pictures on monitors attached to the steering wheel"

No word on whether or not it will see production. I suspect it's just a design exercise unfortunately :(

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