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Add me and my 04 EX to the SC console retrofitted list.

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I just bought a new SC console and all the associated hardware and a set of SC mats from the guy on ebay who does the conversions. He is Battle Creek, MI which is about an hour from me so I went and picked it up this afternoon to save myself on the shipping.
not having read much about the install I figured it would be pretty straight forward. there were a few holes to drill and cuts in the floor to get it installed but I did it in a couple hours.

I didnt take too many photos along the way because I get too involved with getting it done but here are a few.

the payoff for driving to battle creek

got everything removed.

sorry I didnt get more pics, I will snap some when i take it back out to wire the 12v outlet and some LED's
I attached the SC brake lever with the one hole that lines up on the right and drilled/tapped screws in the 2 holes in the front through the rubber floor.
I also attached the cable braket to the exiting holes that match up, had to loosten the left cable braket under the car behind the gas tank to give the cable enough slack to come up the stops on the cable holder. I didnt use the other bracket that lines up to the 2 holes at the front of the armrest bin. I just used 2 more tapping screws for the rear holes in the bin.

to extend the cable pull rod I cut the piece of threaded rod off the stock lever and coupled them together with the adjuster bolt, worked great with no trip to the hardware store (which was closed anyway)

its pretty solid, now I plan on painting the center stack trim gloss black to match the piano black trim on the console.
I am also going to paint the grey trim flat black and the silver rings around the vents and speedo gloss black.
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i'm jealous! looks fantastic. interested in selling your storage arm rest? if you have it, and are private message me.
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