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Added a laptop

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I added this mount so that when we are traveling my wife can either set the Netbook in her lap or put it on the mount. I also wanted it there so that when I camp I can use it as movie player. I also moved my power converter from the glove box to the center console near the floor, just a better location and more convenient. I know some of you are going to express your concerns about computing and driving.....don't worry I do not plan on using it while I drive.

I got the idea from this thread...

When not in use I can just bend the rod down out of the way or remove it from the mount.

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Really nice!

Who makes the mount?

These guys sell it

It was originally made for dvd players...but since those have kind of died out they now sell it for netbooks. The platform has a spring loaded base to keep the dvd player from skiping but it made the netbook move to much so I took the base apart and got rid of the springs. Now it is much more secure when using. It come with the mount that I used our you can mount it to the seat bolts. The main seat bolt had to big of a diameter for the mount and I did not want to use any of the secondary bolt so I just mounted it to the fron of the center console. It is nice and secure, I ran three bolts with nuts all the way thu to the inside of the storage area under the cup holders.
Thanks for the info!
You bet. Gotta share.
How is it attached to the floor?
It comes with 2 mounts. One attaches to the seat bolt and the other has three holes that can be attached anywhere. I mounted that one to the from of the center console with bolts that go through to the inside of the cup holder.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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