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Additonal input jack

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When I pull my e brake to park half of my speakers stop playing the music coming from my ipod and i keep the ipod inside the center console, this is on a 2007 SC
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You have a short somewhere. which half of your speakers stop working?
Then you'll need to check the wiring in the console. If you're not sure how to do that, I suggest you take your vehicle to someone can do that.
get a USAspec and hook it up right. Best thing I ever did.
Why, it already has an aux plug? Sure you could get the ipod controls rigged up to the multi disc controls but why bother?

His '07 might still be under bumper to bumper warranty, he might be able to get the dealer to fix the problem for free.

So why putz around with some clunky adapter when the real problem is in the factory provided adapter?
How comfortable are you with doing things yourself?

There's several possibilities of what could be wrong. I don't recall if you tried switching out the cable you're using between the iPhone and the aux jack. Try that first, maybe the cable has gone bad.

If that doesn't work, you might be lucky and have a loose connection in the console. Search for a thread on how to remove the console or how to put a console in the EX model. Pull your console and see if the connection is loose between the aux jack and where ever it plugs in.

That's about all I can suggest before you might need to pull out a soldering iron...

The USASpec thingy would probably work too, not sure how it works with an iPhone though. To install that, you'd need to pull the radio and plug it in the back where the multi-disk cd changer would plug in (I think, that's how it would have worked with my wife's Civic, I never bothered to find out with the E b/c I've got the aux jack built in). Then the controls for that are used for the multi disk cd player are mapped to the iPod.
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1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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