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AFE Cold Air Intake

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Well, pretty excited over here on this end, i've been trying to decide on an intake for my E for quite some time now. Yesterday i came across an intake made by AFE (Advanced Flow Engineering, Inc). Bold, aggressive performance In a simple package. This intake system replaces the entire stock air box and resonators and retains OEM intake tube. its nice because it gives it a nice OEM-ish look with the powder coated heat shield - I'm a fan of that. It uses a two-ply synthetic air filter with Oil Free Material that is functionally superior to traditional paper media and single-ply synthetic = 99.4% Filtration Levels. It should be here by the end of the week - when it arrives, i will take some pics and post them. This is a direct fit install so i wont need to worry about any home made mods.

Manufacturer number: 5111291
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post some good pics of unit on & off your E & price. I have been thinken about one but the amount of$$$$ is way out of line for what your getten.when they get the $ right they will sell soooo many more they will make more than they ever expected to.
so how does it work? does it just replace the scilencer in the fender with the filter and shield and remove the stock filter from the factory location? that is what it looks like from the picture without anything else to go on.
nevermind i found instructions for it. so it actually replaces the airbox. the way it looked like it went over by the battery by where the silencer box is. i just poped that out on mine and made a mount for the factory tube and connected a k/n style cone filter on there and removed the factory flat one from the air box.
Looks nice but like what "marksbug" said...$195.00 for a cone and plastic seems excessive but then again most intakes are lol.
if the price dont fall I will get one for a vw jetta or tiyoter camra lots of older stuff for 25-$50 on flebay. just needs a little fetten to werk. wally world had them a few years ago I should of got one when they were $15.00 clarance prized. my round tuitt hasent come in yet so I gotts a while to ponder more. fer all ye spellen teachers hahahahahahah.I aint actuly illiterate my parents were maried!!!! and if you caint up set someone fer nothing life aint worth a spit!!!:lol:
Do they make one for the 08?

Looks great--something i'd buy over some brand like AEM.
AFE Intake System

Haven’t received it yet, but i will definitely post the pics when i get it. i paid 180 for it. more than what i wanted to spend, but its also one of the only intakes i found with a heat shield (thats what kind i was looking for too & the fact that it retains that Stock-like look to it - i really dig the powder coated steel heat shield). i guess it all depends on what you are into. i'm not looking for this mega performance gain or anything. i just want my "E" to run more efficiently, you know?
If you view my albums, you'll see that i replaced my exhaust system too. its nothing crazy though - and not loud at all. i just wanted something a little more free flowing and a little throatier (but subtle). I like subtleness. This intake will end up having me remove all my air intake resonators too which will add to the nice, subtle, low sound/growl.
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Well, this is a picture of my intake right before I took it out and put it back in the box. I was pretty much disappointed with this product. It’s kinda funny looking back too, because all the item description really said was how you would achieve a “performance sound”. Well let me tell you, they were right, about the sound anyway. This thing sounded like I took a cone filter and placed it in an empty coffee can – absolutely horrible! And performance gain…um…no. This was such a FAIL.

So beware of this intake…

it was pretty easy on the eyes though, lol
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Sorry to hear bro :-(
man, sure look nice. cone in a can sound...that's the physical attributes. I have a foam oem style filter in a gutted airbox and it roars. so it like yours, but in a plastic surround. maybe that's what they need to do, make it out of plastic.
maybe plastic would be better. i know that a CAI sounds diff, thats a given - but this was just nasty. i've installed CAI on several cars before, i'm not a first timer with this

its only a 25 dollar after market airfilter from autozone. don't bother installing a plastic
sheet.. ill take some pics if you want to see how i did mine.
I have one on my 2003. i like it i noticed a little better performance. i like the sound. 1-2 miles per gallon improvement on hwy. city not so much.
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