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I just can't make up my mind to buy the Element with the automatic transmission .I figure it is much rewarding to drive the E with the 5 spds stick.

If i buy the 5 speeds FWD Y model i am sad to loose the sunroof in the back.

is there is any after market sunroofs that will match the original one in size and quality ????

Any feedback on that issue would be very appreciated


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I have a SOPY. I do like the sunroof but wish its was powered. I went for the Auto because I do a lok of commuting from Hamilton to Mississauga and the Auto is a lot easier in the stop and go crap.

I've looked at the US threads in this site and there are some who have been adding thier own sun roofs. Some have added sun roofs over ther front seats. Personally I would not do that until there is indicatio from Honda that it will not effect the structure of the vehicle, especially with the wide door opening.

I've always had a car with a sun roof over the drive and love it, but with the high roof on the Element I really don't miss it now.

I am going to look for a kit or something that will convert my manual roof of my SOPY to power. I don't expect that to happen for a year or so.

I tend to keep my vehicles for 10 years but am hoping that this will be around much longer. I took the extended 7 year 160,000 warrenty to help get me there. I felt this was a great deal as mine also included 7 years of road side assistance. I cancelled my CAA.

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Go for it Kiteboy!
I'm really glad I waited for the 5spd (and boy did I wait!!!)
As for the sunroof, how often will you get chauffered around while
laying out on the back seat!
I don't recall, out of the thousands of vans and suv's I've seen over
the years, having ever seen a sunroof at the rear, at least not without
one at the front first. Or is the Pope coming back in the next few years.
Honda chose to offer a rear sunroof for two reasons.
1) they couldn't put it in the front! And be able to past saftety tests,
due to extensive reinforcing for "suicide doors"
2) for a photo-opp of a shorty surf board sticking out a'la the old "woody"
to appeal to the 20 year old "slacker" generation.
Just a crazy old mans opinion!
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