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Aftermarket AC

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I just bought an 03 Element that came stock without AC. With summer fast approaching, I'm thinking it's a good idea to get AC in this thing.

I called up my local dealer and the entire AC kit (compressor, evaporator, condensor, hoses, etc.) costs $1200. So there is an OEM kit and it's reasonably priced. However, the dealer (several dealers actually) have said they won't install it. That leads me to believe it's a real pain in the butt.

Has anyone done this? Does the Element only have one firewall, one harness, etc. so everything is a drop in installation? Any knowledge you have would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Hmmm, I know of a coolant charge and the compressor oil, but what's an oil charge?

In that vein, I've been worried about the oil. Can you give me some details? Does the compressor come prefilled? In terms of charging the system with 134, do I need to have it flushed and/or vacuumed first? Thanks!
oil charge would be the ammount of oil required in the system. compressor's usualy come prefilled yes. When charging the system you will need to have it atleast vacuumed, and I would recommend a pressure test to make sure it doesnt leak. :)

Just ask if theres anythin else you want to know :) its my job!
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