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Aftermarket AC

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I just bought an 03 Element that came stock without AC. With summer fast approaching, I'm thinking it's a good idea to get AC in this thing.

I called up my local dealer and the entire AC kit (compressor, evaporator, condensor, hoses, etc.) costs $1200. So there is an OEM kit and it's reasonably priced. However, the dealer (several dealers actually) have said they won't install it. That leads me to believe it's a real pain in the butt.

Has anyone done this? Does the Element only have one firewall, one harness, etc. so everything is a drop in installation? Any knowledge you have would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I put in aftermarket and factory ac units a few years after getting out of school . not hard but you need to be flexiable ,witch I am not any more. the prices in the 80's went from 350 inst to 1200inst, depending on what car you had,the cheveetts were the 1200 ones due to gm making a "safty car" that they never told any body about, & it was defrent, there was no way to tell untill you had it the boss tacked about $400.00 -600.00 more on to all cheveetts. kinda funny now that I think about it he was just sitting on his butt drinking& I was the one making the shop all the $$$ & I never saw any of that extrs cash. try jc whitney,fleebay,airtemp,frost temp there are a lot of ac mfr's out there. & 90% of the units are so well desigined that you cant tell them appart from OE. + they all have a better comperssor than OE. or just google it !! if you do it your self make sure you empty all of the compressor oil & replace with BG compressor oil.
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