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[quote:ce8c9b77c4="grgev22"]I got the brushed aluminum which matches the silver on my E nicely. I've used these types of products before and this kit is just OK.

First issue i had is when using alcohol to clean the area around the dash you have to be very careful or the alcohol will dull the plastic, better to use simple green or some other type of cleaner IMO.

Second, the cut wasn't as accurate as i've seen in other products. 1-2mm gaps are present on the door trim.

The highly visible pieces around the stereo and dash seem well cut. IMO the best part of this kit are the dash pieces. The brushed alum. was subtle but really created a nice, clean look to the dash - not too different from how it looked b4 the kit but a little more 'high end' looking.

The 3M adhesive which is used on most of these kits worked fine - no gaps or 'peel aways'.

The E is at the dealer getting a few accessories so i can't post any pics but will when it returns.[/quote:ce8c9b77c4]
did you purchase the motorgear brand on e-bay ?
wondering if any quality differnce between them and the other company I've seen on this forum.. thanks
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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