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K&N Intake
Magnaflow muffler

The intake made a dramatic difference
I really liked the pedal response
Went for the Magnaflow- improvement seemed negligable until I went back to stock- yuck! (had a rattle I was trying to cure)

If I put the magnaflow back on I know it will be an improvement
BUT- will there be much difference going from that to the Injen Catback system?

I don't wanna blow $530 on ebay if it's not gonna be much better...
Anyone been there? Is the change from a performance muffler to injen akin to the performance improvement from stock to performance or am I hitting the law of diminishing returns?

Also considered the RBB intake mod- any experience there on a Manual Transmission?


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to your question about switching to an Injen, it all depends on how your exhaust was put together.

-what size pipping?
-mandrel bends?
-how long is the muffler?
-resonator? (not the stock one, aftermarket and the same ID as the pipping)

I doubt you will feel any difference switching to an Injen catback, unless your exhaust actually subtracted your current hp and torque.
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