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Ahhhh, the Sierras!!!

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Just got back from our first trip this year to the high Sierras:grin:, and its sooooo nice to still see snow down as low as 5000ft. this late in June:).

We camped in the Dinky Creek wilderness area about 30 miles away from Shaver Lk (which is about 50 miles East of Fresno). This particular area is right on the border of the John Muir Wilderness and is known for its granite domes protruding up through the forest.

Much of the larger recreational lakes are man made and managed by local electric companies PG&E and Edison, who I have to tip my hat to because of their generous re-investment into the area.

But the real beauty lies just beyond where the roads end and the thousands of glacier lakes and rugged, beautiful wilderness begins.:shock:

With the wife being 9 months pregnant:oops:, we weren't able to hike much of the area like we normally do, but that only gave us an opportunity to take the E out on some back country roads, testing the AWD and (sad to say) stock tires (which AREN'T good going over snow). The E did an admirable job tackling everything we threw at it, and bringing us home unscathed.

Here are some pics of the adventure.:razz:


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Great pics! We too love the Sierras (were in Kings Canyon last weekend). Definately have Dinky Creek on our to-do list.

How many miles on your stock tires? Ours were toast by 40k.
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