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Just got my 2007 Element SC back after being apart from it for 16 months. I upgraded/downgraded from an 2008 IS250 so my Element feels a bit slower than I remember.

Anyway, I'm trying to add a few more ponies to my Element so I thought I'd start with some cheap and easy upgrades such as the air filter and spark plug.

Any recommendations for a "performance" air filter? I know K&N supposedly makes the best ones, but I'm wondering if there are other proven brands for the '07 Elements. Supposedly an aftermarket air filter can add a whopping 1hp and also improve fuel efficiency.

Also, does anyone buy into the hype of those iridium tipped spark plugs adding a boost of power to your cars? If so, any recommended manufacturers or companies? I've also heard the OEM spark plugs already perform at maximum efficiency and swapping them out would be a waste.

So yeah, if I can give me some recommendations, that'd be great. Wanna try to order the parts as soon as possible as I'm gonna perform some long needed maintenance on my car this weekend.

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