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Airbag location questions

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I need to install some wires through the top and bottom edges around the door areas, I believe where the air bag locations are.
One is along the bottom where you step in, probably ok as there is nothing there, (this is for an antenna cable), and one along the drivers side between the front windshield and side window, I think where there may be an airbag. Just need to pull off the plastic cover and run a small cable down to the foot area for the control unit (ham radio stuff)
Anyone know if the plastic cover will just pop off without issues?
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Bradty, I have no experiences with the side-curtain air bags, but suggest a service manual will answer all your questions—and keep you safe!

Yeah, airbags are nothing to mess with. I was at my local MINI/BMW dealership waiting on my MINI in for service, watching as a glass tech was trying to replace the driver's door window in a Bimmer, and had forgotten to disconnect the battery. Side airbag deployed, broke his nose, and knocked him out.
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