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I took my Element up a bulldozed mining trail near Rainbow Mountain up in the Alaska Range. Everything went well until coming back I caught a rock on one of the guards underneath the vehicle. The guard was bent against the driveshaft causing a terrible grinding sound that took a while to identify. After finally finding it, I had to climb under the vehicle and bange it back in place (glad it wasn't muddy!).

Anyway, this is as much a guarding issue as a ground clearance one. The rock was about twelve inches x 16 inches and was partially buried, with only an inch or two about the roadway. The guard caught it and pulled the rock out of the ground. I was only travelling about 5 mph too... very slow! IMHO, the E really should have performed better here.

Bottom line for me -- the E is good for smooth trails, sand and surf situations, and maybe even light brush -- but not rocky trails!
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