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autotoys all honda meet

it's that time of the year again. Around this time last year,
we hosted a meet for 8th gen civics. The turn out was almost
a hundred 8th gen civics came out.

Now we are aiming for more. So all hondas are welcome. This
will be a sponsored event. There will be vendors, music/dj and

We hope to get the same amount of support (or even more)
from the people of 8thcivic. The list of vendors will be updated
as we are still trying to confirm the attendance of prospected

As of this writing the sponsors are:

Ak1 motorsports
speedzone motorsports
talyer auto inc.
Us army
godspeed project

what: autotoys all honda meet
when: october 24, 2009 / 9am-3pm
where: autotoys ( formerly autobacs )
............12645 beach blvd.
............stanton, ca 90680

as with any other meets, the same rules
apply. No revving, racing. No drama. No bs.

thank you.



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We had a great time at our Meet there.
This should be fun too.

Marking it on my Calender.


Now where is that thing.;-)
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