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at the request of another user i started this fo people to see what others are using that works with that year vehicle they have. please dont post questions in this thread. this is just for those that have a key working to provide info for those that wonder about their year and what has actually been proven to work. provide as much info as you can like the actual part number from honda/acura, the fcc id number on the back of the key, etc. again NOT THE PLACE FOR QUESTIONS. try not to muddy this one up so there is 60+ pages like the other one. if you have a question, start a thread of your own. ok i will start....

I have an 07 SC and i used the 35111-sep-306 which is the 07-up tl flip key with remote, and if you want the cover that hides the trunk button (for the RDX) since it doesnt do anything on our trucks it is 35118-stk-a01.

both parts were purchased at
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