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All orders have been shipped... [4.23.10]

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I was able to get all orders shipped out between yesterday and today. Very sorry for the delay, but I had to have my family come first.

To give a brief idea of what my family has been going through.

My Mom has a very, very bad heart condition. She was in the hospital 2 weeks before my daughter was born on March 15th. Then she was in and our 2 more times after. The last time she was in for 15 days then went to rehab and just today she was brought via ambulance back to the hospital. We were supposed to get her out of rehab next week then get her to Columbia-Presb in NYC for an evaluation.

My daughter is doing great and we're hoping my Mom rebounds again.

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No hurry man, I have been there. Take care of the family and our prayers are with you.
we will keep your family in our prayers. Family is #1 and if anyone gives you ****, just send me their location and I'll go take care of them!

Thanks again. Can't wait to get mine!!!!:grin:
Got my order today, Thanks Larry. Hope all is well..
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