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all season floor mats vs. carpet floor mats

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Pros and cons wanted: Which floor mats do ya'll prefer? Which are easier to lift up and shake out?
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I don't think either of them are easier to take out. Mainly since they are two seat wide. I would think they would both be kinda of a pain in the buttocks to take out. I have the All season ones, and they have been really nice so far, Sand vacums up really nicely. And to just use a clorox wipe (or i am sure there is something MUCH better to use, but its all i have right now) and it gets it nice and clean again.

so even though i have them i had to play favorites and say go with the all weather one's...but I think they are alot more lower mantainace (thats the main reason i got them in the first place)
had all weather in previous and carpet here.

Chose carpet to make it feel warmer and hide dirt :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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