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Hello! I have been on the site for about a year now and I figured I would put together my mod list. I try to stay away from the custom look, but rather upgrade to options found on higher models/different cars.

I bought the car off CL in LA . 2004 EX 2WD with 95,000 miles (current). The guy that sold it to me thought it was an LX (lol). He was the original owner, so it was a great buy. It has some dings on the outside and some scratches on the inside, but I couldn’t expect too much.

-Turn light mod
-Painted the silver bumpers black
-OEM fog lights

-Custom LED courtesy lights. Wired into the dome light, so they turn on and fade out accordingly. I had some extra LED’s left over and threw them into the cup holder with their own switched hot line.
-LED taillight work lights. This one is wired into the back dome. So they only come on when the hatch is open.
-Front carpet
-Quantum 10” woofer with a 600W amp.
-Pioneers in the front doors (forgot the model number)
-Sony XAV-701HD

I am sure I forgot some stuff, so expect more posts soon. Here are some pictures:

Painted Tail Pipe

5000k fog light HIDs
Stock speaker upgrade
Stock 4-ch amp upgrade
Foglight reverse light mod
Many more...
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