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So, I want a little more rumble in my E but I haul a lot of large stuff and flip my seats up and down a few times a week so I can't have/don't want an enclosure to move around and/or remove all the time. I also don't want a box in the back screaming "steal me" to the world (I street park).

I may be dating myself here (I used to be sponsored and compete/judge IASCA 15 years or so ago) but does anyone remember Aura Bass Shakers?

They're bass transducers. You'd bolt them to the floor of your car (or home floor or couch or...) and they simulate bass by shaking stuff. Fancy video gaming chairs and simulators and stuff still use them. I knew a dude with 4 of them behind the seat of his Silverado and you'd swear he had 4 12's back there, whether you were inside or outside (only he didn't have to push the seat forward 10"). Not only do they provide rumble but they also produce tone in some fashion too.

Anyhoo, I was thinking of strapping a pair of these in the E. The amp's small enough to stash wherever (up under the dash or something), I could put the volume control in the dead spot next to the cruise control button under the dash and the shakers won't eat up much valuable space, even if I put them in the back somewhere. I don't think there's enough room to mount them under the front seats unfortunately but I was actually thinking that I could mount one each in front of and behind the center console. That'd keep the sound stage more up front and it'd be totally out of the way of cargo and away from feet. Build some simple ABS shrouds to go over them and paint to match the factory plastic and the untrained eye would never even know they were there. Plus they're pretty cheap. $180 for the complete matched package or you can get the shakers themselves for like $65/pr and get a ****ty $50 Crunch 100 watt amp or something.

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