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Am i dragging tin cans?

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I have searched through a lot of questions about noises from underneath the E. Here is whats going on with mine.

I noticed this two days ago at low speeds, it sounds like i have a couple of tin cans filled with rocks being dragged under my E!

I got home and looked underneath, I found no loose exhaust components ( heat shields was my first guess) Nothing loose at all in fact for 95k miles it has very little rust and looks great!

It isn't a squeak or groan when i hit a bump( all the suspension bushings look great). It doesn't start/stop when braking ( so its not a brake issue) I did notice my front passenger strut has a little bit of a hydraulic fluid leak, thats it.

So, I'm at a loss. Is it possible I have a few pebbles in my exhaust head shield layers? Even if i did i don't think it would be this loud. It's noticeable to anyone near me when I'm driving at low speeds, not always there ( comes and goes like magic) I'm loosing my marbles here ! Its loud enough where as I think by crawling around under there I'd noticed something obvious.
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...Is it possible I have a few pebbles in my exhaust head shield layers...
Yes. It could also be a broken weld on one of the heat shields. Wait til the vehicle cools off, crawl under it and start banging on things. Also as you have a M/T, it could be the throwout bearing. Sometimes when they go bad it sounds like chains jingling.
Thanks for the input! It strangely did not make any noise today ( rainy weather?) I was under there yesterday looking at all the heatshield components... hmm... very strange. I'll keep this thread up to date with my findings.
So the sound has disappeared! I'm not really sure what was causing it but it's gone and every heatshield is still in place... very strange. Now its time to replace the front strut thats is leaking hydraulic fluid.

Graspin' at straws here. Is it possible you have some loose/broken parts in the emergency/parking brake assy. Easy enough to pull the rear rotors to check.
Hmmm a fantastic idea... But the sound was loud enough with my head out the window to tell it was nearly under my seat. It could have also been some road debris caught in the layers of heat shielding, there has been a lot of construction in the area.
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