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I just bought my wife a Sunset Orange Metallic EX 4 WD with side airbags, one of the first in the DC area. I enjoy the forums and have learned a great deal about everyone's ideas and experiences.

One of the accessories I want to add are the rubber floor mats, looked for the brands Husky and Black Armour but to no avail. I hate to cut or drill into the floor covering - who knows what will happen in years to come.

Anyway, here is one pausible solution which has worked. I have installed an older pair of carpet floor mats but since they slid around, I cut a large piece of that rubberized material that is used for shelf lining and presto! - the mats stay put. I suspect the same will happen with the rubber ones, probably even better.

I also read of others using the same shelf lining material for the dash openings - great ideas.

Hope this helps
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