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Hello all.

07 sc 78000 miles.

ok when moving to pa I had an issue with the plastic cable driven passenger power window failing. with only an hour before I was to load it onto a trailer to move. So I dropped it off at the dealer to fix it in place since it was down. THey just disconected the window track and wire tied it in place nad put back together. 20.00 well spent.

now I finally had time to fix it my self and ordered new motor /track unit from honda. 98.00+/- I took the door panel off and followed most of the tutorial to replace. was pretty straight forward. I think I had 20 minutes into it and got new part clipped in and wanted to test it before I buttoned it back up.

NOTHING... then i tested the four wires for 12 v that plug into the pass. switch. all good. tested power at switch. all good (so yes fuses are good.)

tested everything and im gettign power to it all but nothing with the motor??? I took said motor back to dealer and after some negotiations, they exchanged for free. I took it out in the lot and tried it by pluging in and grounding to the door with a jumper wire. NOTHING.

So, what might be the issue here?

Im leaving for a camping trip sunday morning,a dn would love to have a window. for now I zip tied it back in place nad put it back to gether in lew of not getting it fixed in time.

Please help if you know anythign about this please. oh and I did loosen the what looked like main ground under the dash (not sure if the right one.) but i did that and tightedned just incase it was that. NOTHING???

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