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Been a long time since I checked in here, and now I find this old thread to resurrect! Still have my E, still love it, but now I have a new love! Bought a stinking new 2015 Tacoma TRD Sport. Two very different vehicles, each with its own qualities. Some stand out comparisons:
I can drive the Tacoma at freeway speed without stopping at every third gas station. The E sucks up the gas pretty fast at speed, but the Tacoma just loafs along on its two extra cylinders.
I do miss the hell out of the extra headroom in the E. Damn truck is big, but no headroom. Have to get in it like it was a sports car.
I have a hard trifold on the bed, and discovered that the depth of the bed sucks like the lack of headroom! I can actually get more crap in the E than in the Tacoma bed! (one rear seat in storage)

All in all, if the E was still being made today, I'd rather have a new E than the Tacoma. Shhhh! It might hear you laugh!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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