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Don't know if its a good pic, but here's a shot of my Thule setup. With the interior capabilities of the E, the only thing I need a roof rack for is kayaks. I chose Thule because of the kayak stackers; in fact, the bars and stackers are from my old rig. Quite frankly, for whitewater boats, the Yakima stackers leave a lot to be desired. Beyond that, I've read good things about the Yakima fit kits for the E. This setup has 65" bars, and Yakima paddle mounts on the very ends. Hauls 4 whitewater boats and 4 paddles. And yes, I know my E needs a bath. :lol:

I did post something a while back regarding my lack of satisfaction with the Thule tower system. While I still maintain that there are better designs than the clip on system with its adjustment screw, it has held up fine after a couple trips to the river with boats on top (a few hundred highway miles total).

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