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Any Honda techs on here? Have a clanking/knock noise

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Noise is coming from the passenger side strut. I've been to Honda, they keep telling me one thing, try another....

So far I have replaced the following-

CV and CV boots
Coil Spring
Other misc parts involved with the strut

I went again today and the parts guy recommend replacing the lower arm bushings... what do you think?

I hit a pot hole pretty hard and got the noise. While I think it may be the lower arm bushings, I can also see the top of the strut bouncing up and down went pushing on the car. I know the strut/lower arm act as one piece, so this could make sense as it may be giving it some give when pushed upon. Getting knocks on small and large bumps, only in the passenger front. Im tired of trying to figure this out, any help?

Thanks guys-
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Take a look at the swaybar bushings and links to see if they are broken or worn. Next time we have a local meet come by and someone can always check it out. The lower compliance bushings can be seen easily if they are worn.
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