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Hi all,

I was sold on the element a few months ago and instead opted for a new kia sedona. Long story, but after a month and half of service, I'm invoking the lemon law and shopping again.

My main reason for not buying the Element was because the gvt. crash test ratings had not been released. I have a 3-year-old and will soon have a newborn that will be ferried around in my primary vehicle.

NHTSA has released the front impact ratings (5 stars) and I'm hoping that by the time my lawsuit is settled, the side impact results will be out and as favorable.

Now my question for parents....having driven a mini-van (mine or loaner for a couple months) I really like the convenience of the back seat access. Is it as easy to get kids strapped in carseats in the element? I would think that forward facing seats wouldn't be a problem, but rear-facing looks like it might be uncomfortable. Granted, its only for a year and I'd like to have my element for lots longer than that.

I'd like some feedback, positive or negative from other parents who use it everyday with their kids.

Thanks in advance.

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