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Anyone experiencing pulling to the right during acceleration

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Noticed a slight pulling of our EX 4WD to the right during acceleration only. Is this really related to torque steer or something like wheel imbalance or tire pressure differences?

It's definitely noticeable during moderate to brisk acceleration from a stop or during passing, especially when holding the steering wheel lightly or not at all (when safe). This doesn't really affect overall drive quality but just was wondering if this is normal.
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Yeah, that happens to me too. I think it's just a characteristic of the Element! :)
It's called torque steer. When you have a front wheel drive car with low gear ratios (1st), the car will pull toward the drive wheel during acceleration. It is perfectly normal. Go easy lead foots! :)
I've noticed this, as well. It seems to be a bit more pronounced on the Element than other FWD cars I've owned (most recently an Acura RSX-S which was replaced by the Element). It was a tad disconcerting at first, but now it's just an eccentricity.

Did it in my Civic too.

Me - Leadfoot? Only on jackrabbit starts! :roll:
Just tested this today, and my Element (4WD EX) pulled to neither direction. I tried rapid & slow acceleration. Straight ahead no matter what.
Make sure your tires have the correct air pressure. I know when our dealership get the Elements from the factory, they are over inflated to absorb any shock on the train and trucks that bring them in. If your tires are overinflated they will swerve to the left or right. Especially in the 5spd manual transmissions.
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