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2003 Honda Element AWD EX 4AT "Galapagos Green Metallic"
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Wow. This relay harness from The Retrofit Source is definitely not what I expected. I got it to replace a potentially dead Morimoto MotoControl, which has a foolproof connection configuration. The Xtreme HID harness from TRS is way different and I'm not sure what's what. The positive and ground are obvious. So is the male H4 connector. The tiny 2-conductor connection next to the H4 as well as the 2 yellow connectors and orange connector are throwing me off, however.

With the MotoControl, the yellow plug is for the ballast and the orange is for the high beams. This new harness, however, includes a diode box. The diode box has a yellow plug and so does the relay.

Unfortunately, The Retrofit Source is closed on the weekend so I'm not able to get in touch with support until then.

I'll try to get a photo posted shortly.
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