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I know I'm not in Cetral NC, but I but a pretty good lease deal from LaPointe Honda in Charlotte. It was about a 3 week ordeal though. I first saw the E at LaPointe while taking my Civic in for an oil change. I loved the 4WD EX he had, but I couldn't get him below $290/month for a 48 month, 15k/yr, no money down lease. I was trading my 99' Civic EX Coupe which I owed $6600. They were going to give me $8000 for it.

I finially walked after a couple of hours and then called every dealer around the Charlotte area including Rock Hill SC, Hickory NC, and Monroe NC. I was going to get my best deal from the Monroe dealer at $271/month, but they had to order the black EX. Well, as I'm waiting for the black to come in, I get a call a few weeks later from the sales guy at LaPointe saying that he had a Blue 4WD EX (I liked the Blue and and Black) that he'd get me into for $265/month because sales were slow and it was the end of the month. I told him I wasn't sure and he immediatly said $259. I then said $255 and he throw in Keyless entry, wheel locks and mud flaps and I'd come see him. Sure enough, that's what I got, $255.88/month on a 48month lease with 15K/year and no money out of my pocket (except my trade). I think they ended up giving my $8500 for the Civic and I got the car at around $20K. Not too bad really.

I would say to definately make your calls or visits around the end of the month as that's when the deals seem to be had. Also, this was in the middle of the War so sales couldv'e been a litle slow then. YOu might also try to go to and submit a quote, you'll get replies from all kinds of dealers from as far away as you want.

Good luck!
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