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Anyone in Southern Indiana area

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would love to get a group together for gathering in Nashville/Brown County Indiana. Any takers in September or October?
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Hello Elements of Indiana, welcome to the EOC.

A fall leaf run in brown county sounds great. I know a few members from the north and some from the indy area that would be interested as well.
Hello, EOI! I'm in Indy but would be willing to make the short drive to Nashville sometime this fall. I'll check-in here periodically to see what the plan is. :)
Southern IN,

Columbus here...I am in!! Just say when and where...
nashville/brown county in the fall...amazing. i loved taking trips down there and then over to bloomington when i lived in indy.

somehow our day always ended at Little-Z's in bloomington for the Sirloin for 2 meal:D
I've lived in northern IN off and on since 1980 and have not yet made it to Brown County, and yet keep hearing about it. I'd be interested, but would need to get it on the calendar soon. It's unbelievable how fast weekends fill up. And how fast the summer has gone.
I'd be up for a little get together in Sept. Oct. if it falls on a weekend I'm off and doesn't fall on the weekend of TAG. I work every other weekend so...

How about some speculative dates so I can give a yay or nay myself.

I'm down here by the Ohio River with some awesome scenery so the brown county area isn't really my thing but I'd come up to check things out for this.
The weekend of October 17th or 24th would be perfect for Brenda and I.:)
I posted a poll so everyone could vote on a date. :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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