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i may have 2 setups avail..... i definately will have a set of tein basics in close to new condition.... i will be getting these back from tein rebuilt because the front struts blew and they were still on warranty. i have on my car now a set of brand new monroe struts on front with brand new tein lowering springs. and on the rear i have a set of mugen struts and springs from an rsx... i still have the fronts but the fronts were too soft and i didnt like the way they were riding... i also have a set of brand new rear tein lowering springs... i can sell as sets or sperate... let me know if any 1 is interested.
tein basics are 500 + shipping.

mugen showa suspension 500.

monroe front with with tein springs.. 400[/QUOT

I'll take the TEIN BASIC COIL OVERs this weekend, I'm on Long Island, pm me.
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