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anyone know this oem parts dealer ??

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San Leandro Honda Parts online dealer ??

they have nice stuff for nice prices. i want to buy some oem stuff, bud i dont know them and never heard about them.
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They are my local dealer. They seem like straight up shooters. I think this dealership maybe part of a larger automotive holding group that is going belly up, so they might be trying to blow out their parts.

i need a oem parts dealer, who send parts to Holland.
If you select your parts and go to shipping, it is WAY MORE than you think...
Seems that Majestic Honda has better prices, and no sales tax. At least on headlights.. all other stuff kept coming up "no parts available" that I was looking at.
Majestic is a great place, but I just print off the prices from them or HandA and take it to my local dealer and he matches the price, try it with yours.
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