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Anyone using DynaMat?

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My Elephants sound is OK but it sounds like there is a lot of resonance coming from the door panels. I have an EX. I am planning on changing out the door speakers then a sub in back. Has anyone used or are you using dynamat? Its not that pricey for 2 door kits. Does it make that big of a difference? The factory setup is just sub and tweets, everything in between just gets muddied up.
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Dynamat is great stuff - I highly recommend it.

However - the resonance you hear is probably not really resonance - it's more likely just the sound quality coming from those factory speakers.

I've swapped all of my speakers out and changed the head unit too. What a difference even without the dynamat.

I'm sending my E in for 2 amps and a few other goodies that will require most of the panels to come out of the car - as I've always done in my past systems, I'll have the installer put Dynamat just about everywhere during this process.

I'll update you with real world numbers after it's complete - my installer has a tool for measuring ambient sound. We will use this before and after installation to get a difference in ambient sound level (road noise).
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