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In 05 when I decided to buy and AWD w/manual tranny. My kid also wanted one too. My good luck was that our local Pasadena Honda was able to dealer trade for an SOP EX with AWD and 5spd. My kid wanted the same thing but had to go ~350 miles away in Northern CA to buy hers in the color she wanted. Most the idiots "working the floor" didn't even know that there were Elements with 5spd. It was like finding the needle in a haystack to find a 5spd. I've been to Element Meets only to find 5% of the attendees were driving sticks and with the exception of my then teenaged daughter, it was us old farts over 50 driving them. I really don't get it, the hot rodded E's in attendence had automatics!

Email all of the Honda dealers in a 300 mile radius and see if you can make a deal that way and get what you really want!
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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