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I would prefer a manual but don't like the short "screamer" gearing (high highway revs) of the E factory 5 speed and wouldn't want to go to the trouble of modifying the gearing. If only a 6 speed was offered, but little hope of that given declining numbers of manual drivers.
Same here. If the gearing were higher or with a 6th cog, I'd consider it. My previous two Hondas were 5 speeds (93 Prelude and 01 Civic).

Curiosity hit me with that Autotrader link, so I searched within 300 miles of here and got four hits!
Bill Gatton Honda has a silver 5sp EX AWD in Bristol,TN.
Phil Bachman Honda has a black 5sp EX AWD in Kingsport, TN.
Terry Lee Honda has a Polished Metal 5sp EX AWD in Avon, IN.
Honda East has a Polished Metal 5sp EX AWD in Cincinnati, OH.

Aren't 5sp AWD 2009s even more rare than 2WD? Somebody should jump on these!
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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