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You better check them out.........I have a small dent inprinted on both mine in the same location on both seats just mirrored. Both my seats were up on their side and are now completly out of my E......The imprint is still there after two weeks out of my E, PLUS it now looks like it cut threw the fabric on both of them. Just by looking at the way the seats hang, I cannot see any spot that caused this...I will reinstall the seats, rehang them and see if I can see problem then. If indeed, my seats are cut from hanging on their sides, Honda has a major problem on hand.

Here is where you look for this problem........Both my marks are about 3 inches and at a 45 degree angle from the head rest hole that is closer to the floor when hanging on their sides. If you were seating on the seat, it would be about at your shoulder...left shoulder on the left seat, and right on the right seat.

Check this out and report back please!
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