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ARG!!! Sap on my E

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Okay I just got back from detailing my E....and I discovered sap on the hood and the took me almost a 1/2 hour to remove both....I used Zymol detail, a very soft cloth,and some elbow grease. Has anyone else encountered this sticky situation???

I am getting really ticked off at the trees in front of my townhouse....last summer they dropped tons of sap on my old car (which I didn't really care about)....but there are only so many parking spots not near the trees, so unless you get one of those spots you run the risk of a drop or two of sap. (We have already filed may complaints with our Townhome Community Office) I figure I better prepare myself for a long hot sap filled summer!
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WD 40 works great. Be sure to wash off the wD 40 and rewax the area.
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