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ARG!!! Sap on my E

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Okay I just got back from detailing my E....and I discovered sap on the hood and the took me almost a 1/2 hour to remove both....I used Zymol detail, a very soft cloth,and some elbow grease. Has anyone else encountered this sticky situation???

I am getting really ticked off at the trees in front of my townhouse....last summer they dropped tons of sap on my old car (which I didn't really care about)....but there are only so many parking spots not near the trees, so unless you get one of those spots you run the risk of a drop or two of sap. (We have already filed may complaints with our Townhome Community Office) I figure I better prepare myself for a long hot sap filled summer!
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Hi Diane,We live in a town that loves its trees,but thru a pain staking process that includes parking in the sun on these 100 degree days,I have made a mental list of the tree sap offenders.Silver Maple,any conifer or pine tree{cones too!},Fruitfull mulberry{yes},and some type of alder that literally leaves a greasy patch half circle on the black pavement,oleander shrubs in tree shapes.These trees seem to literally 'weep' either in the process of trying to sweat or as a result of being attacked by bugs.Our city did release mini wasps to fight white flys so at least you can park by the ash trees now,oaks,fruitless mulberry,liquid amber,and chinese pitachio are winners.
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