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Armor All Ultra Shine

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I used the subject item on all of the composite panels, trim, etc, etc. The only problem that it's caused is the trim on the outside around the door handles. They now have lots of white swirls in them, almost like those you get if you get wax on them.

If anyone has a simple solution, please share it with me.
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First simple solution - quit using Armor All products!!! They're poison for your E (or any other car).

Second simple solution. Try spreading smooth peanut butter over the swirls and then washing/rinsing off.

No, I'm not crazy I really heard that it works.
Actually I had some scuff on the body cladding (back right quater panel, exterior) when i took my L in for some more toys to put on, i pointed it out, when it was returned to me they were GONE.. i asked how.. simply Armor All, just rub and the scuffs are gone.. mine looked almost like scratchs it was from the trash can brushing the side of the L but they are completely gone!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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