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We went to Sonic (drive-in fast food with actual roller skating carhops for those of you who don't have them) tonight, 2 year old daughter in car seat, wife sat in other back seat to feed her, I was in front to order. My daughter decided she didn't want the Strawberry Limeade, pushes it away while my wife was holding it, it goes tumbling. Well, I had the passenger front seat folded down flat for a table for them in back. The Strawberry Limeade, which is red and has real strawberries in it, dumped all over the seat and floor. I saw it happen in realtime, my wife screams, flips out, I just figured it was going to happen at some point, just not at 550 miles.

To make it short, I jetski alot, so I just grabbed one of the towels in the back, wiped it all up, and we finished dinner. No stains, it all came right up, no worries. WOW, works as advertised.
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Glad to hear your seats didn't stain! My story isn't as bad.... The first week I had the E.. I went out to dinner with friends who had a new Caddy CTS and they also had two active and hyper daughters a 6yr old and a 9yr old. After I went on and on about the stain resistant seats at dinner..we went for desert. We go for ice cream and the two girls come running into the E w/ their ice cream cones.. next thing I know there is icecream on the seats....their mother freaks..but as advertised wipes right up.
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