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I thought I would share my ATOTA S8 Ultra Plus install in an '08 EX

I went through a few Joying Android head units over the years. Upgrades and whatnot. You can see what I had back in '16

The size is about the same on the ATOTA. 10".

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It sits a little farther from the dash ..which is sort of a good thing for a few reasons. You get a little more room for the vents and the screen is ever so much larger because its closer to you. I have the unit as low as it goes. You gain the access to sdcard and USB on the side. Haven't used them yet. The bracket is a little ugly, but you can't really see it in practice.

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At the same time I replaced all of the speakers, sub and added infinity tweeters mounted over the current pillar grills. It was just easier and gave me room for the antenna and crossovers to mount behind. I mounted the WIFI antenna in the passenger pillar and the 4G antenna in the drivers side. If you look closely you can see I swapped my dash parts for gray.

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Not shown I also added the following:

  • USB-C connected to the head unit and extra 12v socket to the right of the steering wheel in the small cubby in case there is a need to connect to Android auto wired.
  • The ATOTO rear view camera that enabled the panoramic rear view that simulated a birdseye view of the car backing up.
  • ATOTO dashcam
  • Android TPMS
  • OBDII Bluetooth

So far very pleased with the result. Wireless Android auto works very well. The panoramic backup camera is cool. I had a Mint sim card in the unit and it worked great. The unit wakes up fast so it's very usable immediately after starting the car. The dashcam is slim and since it's USB driven it was an easy install. I have a 128gb card in it so it's sort of slow pulling up a list of recordings. Good picture though. Sound quality on calls is acceptable. This unit has 2 bluetooth radios so there are no issues having both the phone and accessories installed. This unit also has gesture cotnrol so I can turn the volume up and down etc with hand movements. Works great.

I have a Kenwood 10" with volume knob in my MB and prefer it, but this is a quarter of the price and have the flexibility of also being an Android device etc. The ATOTO was a good choice for the Honda.

While I was at it I replaced all of the console light bulbs. At least two were burnt out so I just replaced them all.

Two thumbs up so far for the ATOTO S8 Ultra Plus.
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