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audio controls on the steering wheel?

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Okay, I'm totally new at this car mod thing, so if this is a stupid question, please forgive me. :)

My biggest peeve w/the E is that there are no audio controls on the steering wheel like there were on my old Accord. Is there anyway to get something like that set up?

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With some serious modding, it's possible that you could swap out the entire Element steering wheel (or at least the center trim) with that of a Pilot. The Pilot steering wheel trim (the base ring itself is the same for both models) has audio controls that thoretically could be wired into the E's audio system. Note the controls on the left of the Pilot wheel in the picture below...

Another route you could go (and this is FAR easier) is to install an aftermarket head unit that has a wheel mountable wireless control unit like the one below made by Blaupunkt...

Hope this helps!
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