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I have an Honda Element 2008 AWD AT 5speeds and I have a problem with the Automatic Transmission.

The gear shifts go well manually (P-> R-> N-> D-> 2-> 1) with no delay.
The problem occurs when I select D, all gear shifts enter automatically and smoothly (1 to 5 ok); But, when I lower speed for to pass a stop signal (for example), at the moment of again speed up, the gear shift hard one time (1st to 2nd gear), and then, the rest of the gear shifts enter correctly.

The ATF is OK (recently changed DW-1 Honda Genuine). When the hard shift ocurs the RPM go high repently (from 1500 to 3000 in a fraction of seconds) and then the gear shifts so hard. After that the car is OK.

I take this snapshot with torque pro app, when hard shift the rpm reaches 4.3k rpm (a peak) then the rpm normalize and the sucesives gear shifting enter without any problem.


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